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篇名(英)The Contribution of Sampling Technique to Policy Analysis Regarding Children'sWelfare and Estimation of Survey Budget - ADiscussion on Application of Household Registration Computer Files
作者姓名(英)Lik-wang Chen; Lung-An Li; Yung-Tai Hung; Ling-Yen Pan; Hsiu-Mei Wu
Abstract本論文討論研究人員在試圖釐清先進國家相關政策對兒童健康之 影響時所面臨的問題,並闡述比較戶中兄弟姊妹之研究方法如何藉由 控制樣本觀察點之異質性以及增加政策相關變數之變異性而對釐清政 策與見童健康之因果關係有所貢獻。以國家衛生研究院於百元2000 年 進行的一項調查為例,本論文也介紹了一個方法來利用電子化戶籍資 料估算家戶中特定年齡之兒童的期望個數,並建構可供戶中比較之間 的特殊年齡結構樣本。這個國家衛生研究院調查所收集之樣本的年齡結構顯示這個方法操作簡易,且對預估樣本年齡結構以及調查經費有 很大的幫助。
摘要(英)This paper discusses problems researchers confront when intending to clarify the influences of relevant policies on child health in developed countries. It also elaborates how comparison of siblings within a family can contribute to c1arification of causal effects between policies and child health through controlling heterogeneity among observations and increasing the variations of variables with respect to policies. Utilizing a survey con ducted by the N ational Health Research Institutes (NHRI) in year 2000 as the example, this paper further introduces a method to take advantage of household registration computer datasets to estimate the expected numbers of children of certain ages in a family and construct samples with certain age structures for conducting within-family comparisons. The age structure of the sample generated by this NHRI survey shows that this method is easy to operate and very helpful for predicting the age structure of the sample and estimating the budget for the survey.
關鍵字(英)heterogeneity;electronic household registration data; within-family comparison
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