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篇名(英)Social Science Metadata and Codebook -From OSIRIS to DDI
作者姓名(英)Alfred Ko-Wei Hu
Abstract調查資料編碼簿CCodebook) 是有關調查資料檔案格式、以及檔 案中資料結構與內容之資訊,是整合調查過程中各項資訊與調查結果 的最終產品。編碼簿的製作關係到調查資料各項訊息的保存、以及未 來的使用。在資料公開提供第三者進行二次分析CSecondaryanalysis) 使用時,編碼簿之完整性與否決定了調查資料能否被充分使用的 關鍵所在之一。 在網際網路的功能與應用性逐漸重要性的今日,調查資料編碼題 的製作也產生了革命性的改變。以紙張印刷品為調查資料訊息主要傳 播媒介的編碼簿的製作形式已產生根本性的改變。以往慣用的OSIRIS 的格式己被針對網際網路的DDI 格式逐漸取代。本論文試圖回顧 此一發展,並就網際網路時代中資訊在整理、保存、釋出、與展示上 的特性,檢討目前國際上調查資料編碼簿的各種製作格式。
摘要(英)Survey codebook is a set of information about data structure and contents. The way of how codebook is constructed has important implications to data users and data archives. For the former, the records kept in codebook provide useful information for data exploration. For data archive, the construction of sur vey codebook is a key step in the preservation of survey informa. tion, with significant impact on data processing, such as indexing, cataloging and dissemination. In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of Internet technology, preparing codebooks has changed into a new direc. tion. Pioneered by ICPSR, many internationally known data archives have stopped to produce the traditional OSIRIS formatted-codebook. As an alternative, the newly developed DDI format, with its advantage in web display and navigation, has received great attention in worldwide community of survey data archive. In this article, such a development is reviewed. Meanwhile, this article takes a close examination of how DDI technology is used in data processing and what implications it can have for the improvement of data collection, data dissemination, and data analysis.
關鍵字(英)Data Documentation Initiative; DDI; Database; Data Archive; Metadata; Codebook; Survey Codebook
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