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篇名(英)A Chance or A Risk? Empirical Studies on Foreign Care Workers’ Transfer of Employment
作者姓名(中)李有容, 鄭杏茹
作者姓名(英)Yu-Jung Lee, Shing-Ju Cheng
Abstract在台灣老年化人口逐漸增多、醫療技術進步的環境下,民眾對看 護工的需求日益增加。囿於法規限制以及對便利性的追求,不論是聘 任外籍看護工或者是與其解除契約常委託仲介代行,然仲介並無法解 決雙方隔閡。性騷擾、許可外工作、語言文化不通、看護工偷懶講電 話的抱怨層出不窮;在無法立即解除合約的條件下,看護工逃跑事件 頻傳,勞雇關係出現不對等差距。儘管政府透過直接聘僱方式取代仲 介,更宣布推動長照2.0 來解決台灣老年社會的問題,然此政策演變 主要是保障、解決台灣的雇主方,外籍家庭看護工能否透過各式「機 會」改變自我「命運」?是本文關注焦點。 文章從機率觀點描繪政策的各式出象,佐以26 位四方身分的訪 談,說明看護工與雇主間面臨的各式問題,包括了轉換雇主、面試、 試作、許可外工作,甚至性騷擾等,期透過此勾勒未來聘任外籍看護 工的政策方針。
摘要(英)This paper discusses the possibility for foreign care workers to change employers in Taiwan. The classic theory of probability in statistics is adopted, and 26 interviews with care workers, employers, agencies, and government translators are conducted. Four concluding points are drawn for this research. First, 2008 was a turning point, when foreign care workers were given the opportunity to change employers for the first time in Taiwan. Secondly, the government should pay attention to those who switch between employers frequently during the time of their employment contracts. Thirdly, the human resource agencies specialised in importing overseas manpower often play under the table in order to avoid restrictions by government. Finally, classic probability shows that the launch of a probation mechanism will not alter the odds ratio between employees and employers. This paper therefore suggests that current policy should be changed to ensure that foreign care workers receive equal employment opportunity to transfer employers during the time of their employment contract. In fact, this change might also increase the willingness of foreign care takers to work in Taiwan.
關鍵字(英)foreign care workers, transfer of employment, industrial relations, probation, classic probability
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