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篇名(英)Marriage Patterns of Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan: Cohort Effect, Generational Heritage and Ethnic Difference
作者姓名(中)劉千嘉, 章英華
作者姓名(英)Chien-Chia Liu, Ying-Hwa Chang
Abstract相較於1950 年前的族群隔離狀態,1970 年代後原住民族從原鄉 外移,與本族以外的人相遇的機會增加,亦改變其婚姻形態。本文運 用2007 年「臺灣原住民社會變遷與政策評估調查研究」及2013 年「族 語保存現況調查研究」兩份計畫調查資料,描繪變遷中的原住民族婚 配圖像,研究發現如下:(1)越晚近世代同族婚比例越低,跨族群婚 與原漢通婚比例提高;(2)婚姻模式的代間傳承隨婚配類型而定:原 漢通婚有代間傳承傾向,親代通婚子代越易通婚,但跨族群婚的代間 傳承傾向不明顯;(3)特定族群與漢族距離小於其他族群:邵族、噶瑪蘭族、賽夏族對漢人的婚姻傾向性大於其他原住民族;(4)族群間 的親近性各異:卡那卡那富族、拉阿魯哇族與布農族有高度親近性, 噶瑪蘭族與阿美族有高度親近性。本文以合併的調查資料描繪臺灣原 住民族群的婚配類型,以克服過往缺乏個別族群兩代通婚資料的限 制,彰顯日趨多元的婚配傾向,同時關照個別族群的差異,並探討其 可能的影響因素。
摘要(英)Compared to the spatial segregation period before the 1950s, indigenous people have had migrated from tribal to metropolitan areas since 1970 and had more daily contact with Han Chinese and other ethnic group people; hence, the marriage pattern of indigenous people has changed. Based on Taiwan Indigenous People Survey data and the Language Endangerment in Formosan Languages Survey data, this paper portrays the dynamic marriage patterns of indigenous people. The main findings are as follows: (1) The younger birth cohort has a higher racial intermarriage rate and lower intra-marriage rate. (2) The generational inherited marriage pattern within family varies by intermarriage type: offspring’s preference for racial intermarriage is similar to their parents, but the ethnic intermarriage does not show a signifi-cant heritage pattern. (3) The marriage pattern of some ethnic groups involves more intermarriage with Han Chinese than with other ethnic groups such as Thao, Kavalan, and Saisiyat. (4) The intimacy among ethnic groups is different: Hla’alua, Kanakanavu, and Bunun are much closer to each other, as are Kavalan with Amis. This paper portrays marriage patterns among Taiwan indigenous people based on the merged data from the two surveys, which provide rare and valuable information on inter-ethnic marriage of different indigenous tribes. The paper presents the increasing plurality of patterns of inter-ethnic marriage, manifests the different tendency of each ethnic group, and reveals the factors facilitating inter-ethnic marriage.
關鍵字(英)intra-marriage, ethnic intermarriage, racial intermarriage, indigenous people
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