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篇名(英)A Study of the Relationship between Media Marketing and Tourism Satisfaction: Using Inbound Visitors to Taiwan as a Case Study
作者姓名(中)陳宇芃, 陳志鈞, 許淳雅, 林豐政
作者姓名(英)Yu-Peng Chen, Chih-Chun Chen, Chun-Ya Hsu, Feng-Jeng Lin
Abstract本文提出「媒體行銷」與「觀光吸引力」對「觀光滿意度」關係 模式,並分析「旅客特性」與「旅遊特性」對模式的調節效果。其次, 亦探究「觀光吸引力」與「觀光滿意度」不同分量下的變數影響性。 研究顯示:關係模式具良好適配度與解釋力。「媒體行銷」有助於提 高旅客「觀光吸引力」,且於旅客的觀光吸引力程度不同時,影響性 皆極重要。「觀光吸引力」雖能增加旅客「觀光滿意度」,但對滿意度 較高的旅客,影響性反呈有限;是否因營造過多人為吸引力,而有失 景點原始自然風貌,值得省思。「媒體行銷」亦能有效提升「觀光滿 意度」,然對滿意度較高的旅客,效果並不顯見;建議於台灣觀光動 態宣傳廣告的呈現與描述上需多加考量與規劃,並多提供實用的旅遊 資訊,以提升媒體行銷。
摘要(英)In this paper, a causal model linking three factors (media marketing, tourism attraction and tourism satisfaction) was proposed and validated. Through an in-depth multi-group analysis, the study also investigated whether groups with different tourist characteristics and travel characteristics would have moderating effects on this causal model. Furthermore, quantile regression models were hired to explore the effects and influences of explanatory variables on different quantiles of tourism attraction and tourism satisfaction. The final results show that: (1) The causal model has goodness of fit and explanatory abilities. (2) Media marketing significantly affected tourism attraction for inbound visitors to Taiwan. Moreover, media marketing had a powerful effect on each quantile of tourism attraction. (3) Although tourism attraction significantly affected the tourism satisfaction for inbound visitors to Taiwan, the influential effect declined for visitors with higher satisfaction. Due to this failure to meet the interests of visitors with higher satisfaction, the issue of whether creating more artificial attractions could result in disguising their original natural outlook should be considered. (4) Media marketing could also effectively and positively promote tourism satisfaction; yet, the effect would not appear for visitors with higher satisfaction. The paper concludes by suggesting a promotion of media marketing that considers improving the dynamic advertisements on Taiwan and providing more practical tourism information to visitors.
Keyword來臺旅客, 媒體行銷, 觀光吸引力, 觀光滿意度
關鍵字(英)foreign tourists, media marketing, tourism attraction, tourism satisfaction
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