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篇名(中)2011 年台灣人民法律紛爭面訪:設計及基本統計
篇名(英)The Research Design and Methodology of the 2011 Civil Justice Survey in Taiwan
作者姓名(中)林常青, 陳恭平, 黃國昌, 游雅婷
作者姓名(英)Chang-Ching Lin, Kong-Pin Chen, Kuo-Chang Huang, Ya-Ting Yu
Abstract本文主要介紹中央研究院人文社會科學研究中心的制度與行為研 究專題中心在2011 年所執行的「台灣人民法律紛爭解決行為模式的 實證研究調查」計畫的設計方法及基本結果。該計畫是台灣首次對人 民就「可能會產生糾紛的問題」的態度及處理方式所進行的大規模面訪。雖然面訪設計和先前各國面訪類似,涵蓋了整個受訪者在紛爭處 理過程及其結果的經驗,但也包含之前所忽略的一種重要面向,即受 訪者的法意識。這讓我們可以研究人民的法意識如何影響紛爭處理的 行為,以及紛爭經驗是否影響法意識。最後,我們探索遭遇問題者會 踏出紛爭解決的第一步—尋求諮詢及協助—的主要影響因素。
摘要(英)This paper summarizes the design and results of the 2011 Taiwan Civil Justice Survey, conducted by the Center for Institution and Behavior Studies of the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica. The survey was the first ever large-scale survey in Taiwan to investigate Taiwanese citizens’ reaction towards “justiciable problems”, how the reaction affected their actions taken, and finally, what the consequences of these actions are. Although the basic design of the questionnaire was similar to past surveys in other countries, which gathered information on the whole process and the results of disputes, the survey also investigated one aspect that had often been ignored in the past, namely, the legal consciousness of the respondents. Incorporating legal consciousness into the questionnaire enables us to investigate how people’s legal consciousness affects their attitudes and actions toward disputes and, conversely, how the people’s experience in disputes affects their attitudes toward the legal system.
關鍵字(英)justiciable problems, legal consciousness, advice-seeking, dispute resolution, mediation
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