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篇名(英)The Roles of Field Supervisors in Face-to-Face Interviews and Their Impacts on Survey Quality of Taiwan's Election and Democratization Study, 2013
作者姓名(中)蔡秀惠, 陳光輝
作者姓名(英)Hsiu-Hui Tsai, Kuang-Hui Chen
Abstract調查研究工作者嘗試很多的努力,是為了避免在調查過程中產生 誤差。然而,扮演監督者與守門員的督導對於資料品質有很大影響, 但他們在調查過程中的角色與影響仍未被仔細地探討。本文藉由質化 訪談與觀察的方式蒐集資料,檢視參與2013 年「台灣選舉與民主化 調查」計畫督導,在面對面訪問過程中的角色與影響。我們發現督導 對於訪員在執行調查過程中,是否願意依照標準化流程進行訪問有所 影響。此外,我們認為如果督導願意善盡其職,調查資料品質將會被 提升。
摘要(英)While survey researchers have made efforts to avoid the occurrence of bias during each step of survey research, the roles and impact of field supervisors have not received enough attention. Field supervisors are the gatekeepers to ensure data quality since they are responsible for monitoring the conduct of interviewers. This paper examines the roles of field supervisors in the execution of survey questionnaires via face-to-face interview method by conducting qualitative interviews and observations with the field supervisors of Taiwan’s Election and Democratization Study, 2013 (TEDS 2013). It is found that the field supervisors play an important role which shapes the interviewers’ attitudes toward the standardized interview protocol. Furthermore, it is concluded that when a supervisor responsibly fulfills his or her duties, the quality of survey data is improved.
Keyword面訪, 督導, 台灣選舉與民主化調查
關鍵字(英)face-to-face interview, field supervisor, TEDS
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