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篇名(英)A Survey of the Attitudes of High Schoolteachers on ELSI in Taiwan
作者姓名(英)Shih-Min Liu
Abstract近年來基因科技的發展對於人性主體引發爭論議題,同時點燃許多爭辯,如同所知的,在大部分的研究中,正反意見也經常伴隨這些激辯產生。 本研究針對台灣不同背景中等教育從業人員(包含生物與非生物領域專長教師)對於基因科技引發的倫理、法律與社會意涵議題(ethical, legal and social implications,簡稱ELSI ),所持知覺與態度之調查研究,以問卷蒐集上述相關資料,因此,本研究目的在於: 一、 探討教育從業人員對「基因科技」與「基因倫理」知覺。 二、 探討教育從業人員對基因科技所引發的社會、倫理、法律衝擊議題的態度。 三、 比較不同背景教育從業人員對於前述二個研究項目的態度之差異。 為了調查他們的意見,我設計一份問卷進行調查,並事先商請十二位在法律、哲學、生物倫理與基因科技方面的專家審查、校正後,並進行預試,經因素分析修正問卷後分別在台中、高雄、台北與花蓮進行正式施測,總計有效樣本為642份,其中有223男士及419女士,其中有332位生物相關類科與310位非相關類科的教師。
摘要(英)In recent times the rapid development of genetic science has raised controversial issues concerning the human subject. Simultaneously, it has also raised many disputes. As is well known, in most areas of research, pros and cons are usually accompanied by fierce debates. It is probably desirable at this time to lay the groundwork for schoolteachers to proclaim their bioethical public policies and guidelines for the future sound development of medical and scientific technologies .How do they evaluate the issues of the new biotechnologies? What are their attitudes towards the ethical, legal, and social issues, such as ELSI? Hence, the specific aims of this study are to: 1. Explore the perspectives of high schoolteachers in genetic science and technology. 2. Analyze their attitudes on the ELSI of genetic science. 3. Compare and contrast the similarities and differences of their attitudes on ELSI. In order to survey their opinions. I myself designed a questionnaire to study the issue. Twelve experts reviewed it in advance . Most of them are professors whose major fields of research are in law, philosophy, bioethics and biological technology. I have initiated a pilot study in advance. Later, I conducted a formal test in the cities of Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Taipei, as well as in Hualien County in Taiwan, after revising the questionnaire in 2004. The actual sample size was 642, of whom 223 were males and 419 females. There were 332biology teachers and 310non-biology teachers.
關鍵字(英)Schoolteachers; Genetic Attitude ;ELSI
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