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篇名(英)A Feasible Mechanism for Regional Agriculture in Taiwan:
作者姓名(英)I Han, Min-Hsien Yang
Abstract本研究旨在探討區域農業的定位,以及推動區域農業之可行機 制,以利瞭解我國未來推動政策之可行機制。區域農業旨在達到農業 資源流通、農業資源共享、降低對區域外與對區域內的農業交易成 本、對外成為具代表性之主體等多種農業部門的經濟效益,為區域農 業的目的。本研究以我國最重要農業生產的雲嘉南區域為研究對象, 綜合質性田野研究訪談24 家農企業,及量化問卷調查雲嘉南產銷班 農漁民回收250 份樣本,認為我國區域農業的推動,應擇有力的「支 點」啟動區域農業的長期發展循環,串聯上層的政府單位、中層的企 業(農企業、農會,產業)、基層的農民(區域農業以產銷班和合作 農場具組織的農民),分層扮演各自專司的職能角色。本研究建議以 下兩種最佳可行性推動之機制:(1)企業推動的機制:上與地方政府 配合,推動地方農產業價值鏈的整合,以求繁榮區域之經濟發展與促 進就業機會,下以農民產銷班或合作農場為生產供應者。(2)農民推動的機制:首賴農民的配合意願,以及他們對參與區域農業跨縣市合 作所可能為其產品競爭力上帶來的潛在效益的認同與期待。
摘要(英)This research aims to explore the policy positioning of regional agriculture and feasible execution mechanisms for a long-term sustainable approach in the context of agricultural development in the Yun- Cha-Nan region in Taiwan. This research defines regional agriculture as “an integration of natural and human resources by geographic proximity, where clustered agricultural activities are connected to gain competitive advantages against other regions.” Regionalization of agriculture facilitates utilization and sharing of local agricultural resources, minimizes within- and cross-region transaction costs, and establishes regional agricultural reputations as an identity. By using both qualitative fieldwork and quantitative survey approaches, we interviewed 24 (agri-)businesses and collected 250 farmer-survey samples to formulate our arguments. A two-way, top-down and bottom-up approach should be the ideal mechanism for regional agriculture. The top authority level of the central government should focus on information platforms, standardization, and national land planning in the agricultural sector. Regional offices as suggested should play roles in communication and coordination across central-local and local-local governments as well as within the region. Local government should conduct security inspections and search for common regional interests. The middle market level of agribusinesses execute daily security inspections, connect value-added activities, and integrate inter-disciplinary technology and marketing. The bottom level of farmers should maximize scale economies through organizing and branding across local-bounded territories. It is highly recommended that our policy maker choose the most feasible and powerful steps to leverage resources for the benefit of agribusiness and organized farmers.
關鍵字(英)regional agriculture, feasible mechanism, Yun-Cha-Nan region
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