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篇名(英)Impact of Participation in Rural Regeneration Program on Satisfaction
作者姓名(英)Ku-Yuan Lee, Li-Chi Lan, Chen-Ling Fang, Jiun-Hao Wang
Abstract2010 年公布實施的農村再生條例,為我國的農村發展法制化,建 立了重要里程碑。本研究目的主要在探討農村再生計畫對社區發展滿 意度的直接與間接影響效果。本研究使用農委會2012 – 2013 年的農 村幸福競爭力調查資料,有效樣本為1588 位農村居民,以迴歸模型分 析參與農村再生計畫對社區發展滿意度的影響。研究發現參與農村再 生計畫確實可提升社區居民對社區發展滿意度,並於農村生活、生 產、生態發展滿意度上,皆有顯著的處理效果。其次,居住在農村再 生社區中,即使未實際參與培根訓練課程的社區居民,其社區發展滿 意度亦較高於非農村再生社區的居民,存在顯著的外溢效果。綜合上 述,本研究建議有關單位未來在推動農村再生計畫時,應採取深化與 擴大化的施政策略,針對已通過農村再生計畫的社區,持續辦理農村 再生計畫相關的進階課程;另一方面,針對未曾接觸農村再生計畫的社區居民,則應鼓勵其參與農村再生相關的培根訓練課程,以提升農 村居民的主觀幸福感。
摘要(英)The Rural Regeneration Act, promulgated in 2010, is a milestone in rural development policy formation in Taiwan. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the association between implementation of the rural regeneration program (RRP) and community life satisfaction of rural residents. This study used data of the Rural Subjective Well- Being Competitiveness survey, which was conducted by the Council of Agriculture, including 1,588 rural respondents. Several multiple regression models were employed to estimate the treatment and spillover effect of participating in the rural regeneration program on community life satisfaction. The results show that participation in the RRP is positively associated with the level of community life satisfaction. In addition to treatment effect of the RRP, several spillover effects are also evident in different dimensions of community life satisfaction. Those who lived in the RRP community but did not participate in the RRP-related training courses were more satisfied with their community development, compared with the non-RRP community residents. Consequently, this study suggests that the agricultural authority could strengthen advanced training courses for the RRP community, and encourage the non-RRP community residents to participate in existing RRP-related training programs.
關鍵字(英)Rural Regeneration Program, subjective well-being, life satisfaction, treatment effect, spillover effect
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