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篇名(英)Do Consumers Really Care about Biodiversity? Large Scale Choice-Experimental Evidence of Genetically Modified Soymilk in Taiwan
作者姓名(中)楊豐安; 張宏浩
作者姓名(英)Feng-An Yang; Hung-Hao Chang
Abstract過去研究消費者基因改造食品購買行為的文獻多著重於價格及個 人社經特質的分析,探討消費者購買行為與環境保護關係的文獻卻付 之闕如。本研究旨在探討消費者生物多樣性認知對其基因改造食品購 買行為之影響。本研究使用2011 年進行的臺灣基因體意向調查面訪 資料,以順序羅吉斯模型估計消費者購買基因改造食品的決策行為。 研究結果顯示消費者對基因改造食品的需求不僅僅受價格的影響,環 境保護亦是重要的影響因子,當消費者了解基因改造食品的生產過程 會破壞自然環境後,消費者會傾向不購買基改豆漿,除此之外,我們 也發現消費者對市場價格和環境保護之間的補償作用為非線性關係。
摘要(英)Although there is no lack of empirical evidence on the determinants of genetically modified (GM) food purchase behavior, most of the available studies focus on the effects of market price and individual socio-economic characteristics. Far less is known about whether consumers will respond to environmental protection in their purchase decisions. This paper contributes to an enormous body of literature on the demand for GM food by taking biodiversity protection into account. In particular, we investigate a trade-off between consumers’ willingness to pay and the conservation of biodiversity. Using a large scale choice-experimental survey dataset of 1,188 individuals, drawn from the Taiwan Genomic Survey conducted in 2011, we estimate a sequential logit model for the sequential decision making process. Our results show that demand for GM food is not simply determined by market price, but is also highly correlated with consumers’ awareness of biodiversity conservation. Consumers would be less likely to purchase GM soymilk if the GM production process damages the environment. Moreover, the trade-off between market prices and conservation of biodiversity is found to be non-linear.
Keyword基改豆漿; 願付價格; 生物多樣性; 臺灣
關鍵字(英)GM soymilk; willingness to pay; biodiversity; Taiwan
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