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篇名(中)2000 年普查資料在臺灣原漢通婚研究之潛力與應用
篇名(英)The Application and Merit of Census Data in the Study of Ethnic Intermarriage between the Indigenous and Han People in Taiwan
作者姓名(英)Chien-Chia Liu;Ying-Hwa Chang
摘要(英)In this paper, we use data from the 2000 Taiwan population census to demonstrate the potential and merits of the data in studying ethnic intermarriage between the indigenous and Han people. The main findings are as follows. (1) By interpreting the data matching process, we can better understand the characteristics of the matched data and also speculate as to the characteristics of the unmatched ones. (2) In contrast with the existing comparable studies, our pair data include not only household heads and their spouses but also the other kinship couples in the household. Hence, after comparing the social demographic attributes between different kinship couples, we are more confident of the data quality. (3) Including other kinship couples within households, we can observe the changing marital patterns between generations and reveal how intermarriage parents affect their children’s out-marrying propensity. (4) Moreover, under cross-examination of the intermarriage trend with other ethnic survey data, we highlight the representative nature and importance of census pair data. Base on the main findings, we make some suggestions for the future research of applying census pair data and hope to enrich the literature on relatively understudied indigenous and Han Chinese intermarriage in particular and ethnic intermarriage research in general.
關鍵字(英)ethnic intermarriage;indigenous;census data
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