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篇名(中)生活型態量表之適合度檢驗、因素重組與趨勢比較: 以ICP生活型態量表為例
篇名(英)Reliability and Validity Test, Reconstruction and Cross-sectional Comparison of the ICP Life Style Scale
作者姓名(英)David D.C Tarn; Cheng-Nan Chen; Meng Kuan Lai
Abstract有鑑於生活型態在行銷領域之重要性,以及文獻對生活型態衡量 上的主頁缺漏,本研究針對臺灣ICP 資料庫自1991 至1997 年之生活 型態量表資料庫,進行趨勢探討。實證發現ICP 生活型態量表之內部 一致性及Item-Total Correlation 不佳。在選擇1996 年樣本為基準 期,並以探索性自素分析重新抽取因素結構後,得到一套由35 題項、 12 因素所組成之因素結構。在LISREL 多樣本分析後確認我區民眾 之生活型態模式,在七年間並無結構上的變化(亦即結構異同質性)。 跨時期比較分析中發現,12 因素中有10 個在七年間有顯著變化,不過 並未見較明顯的走勢。最後本文亦提出修正我國生活型態衡量的建 議,及ICP 等資料庫的應用。
摘要(英)Based on the impact of life style issues on marketing fields, and several shortcomings on measuring life style, this study employs the Life Style Database in the ICP Taiwan Database, from 1991 to 1997, to explore some related issues. The empirical investigation found that the ICP Life Style Scale fails to pass the requirements of internal consistency and item-total correlation tests. Thus, exploratory factor analysis is employed to reconstruct the factor structure of 1996 database. A 35-item, 12- factor life style structure is built, and accordingly taken as the base model. The multi-sample analysis of LISREL confirms that the factor patterns among the 7 years are homogeneous. The cross-period comparison also found that 10 of the 12 factors are changed during the 7-year time-range, even though not in a consistent manner. This study also provides some suggestions about the future purification and modification toward the life style measurement, and some applications of related database.
Keyword生活型態; ICP量表;信效度檢定;跨時期比較;資料庫
關鍵字(英)Life Style;ICP Database; Reliability & Validity; Cross-sectional comparison; Database
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